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Give your officers full support. With eOS, you coordinate your units easily via one interface. Person searches are easier than ever and warrants can also be written out with just a few clicks.

Criminal files can be viewed at any time until they are closed by an authorized person or assigned to a new security level.


Besides the police, we also provide useful functions for your server's paramedics. With Emergency OS you create medical records, calculate the cost of treatment and manage the crew of your vehicles easily in one system.

Fire department

The fire department has access to all the functions that we also provide for the rescue service. Thus, especially on servers with an American scenario, the rescue forces can slip into the role of a paramedic or a firefighter at any time without having to change their own account.

How does it work?

It is quite simple
Customize EmergencyOS to your needs.
Order easily through our online store.
Launch EmergencyOS and enjoy new freedoms.

That is what makes us

An insight into our functions
Realistic design
With our desktop design, your users will feel like they are at their PC.
Modular customizable
You decide what you need and what you don't.
Appointment calendar
Schedule trainings or other events with our calendar.
Patrol system
So you always know what your patrols are doing.
All-in-one interface
Put an end to multiple interfaces. Everything uniformly in one system.
Emergency OS is available in English, German, Turkish and Spanish.

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